Saturday, July 11th  //  9-11 AM
at First Baptist Church of Kenner 
or Online via Zoom


(This event and registration are completely free!)

Click the button above automatically to join the webinar at 9 a.m. on Saturday if you have the Zoom app installed on your computer or smart phone. If you’d like to join manually or join by phone, you can use the information below:

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Saturday, July 11
8:45 AM
Arrival & Seating
Worship Center
9:00 AM
Opening Assembly
Worship Center
9:30 AM
Breakout Session One
Various Locations
10:00 AM
Breakout Session Two
Various Locations
10:30 AM
Closing Assembly
Worship Center
11:00 AM
11:05 AM
After-Event Q&A
Worship Center


We're excited to offer two breakout sessions covering various topics and questions you might have. For those able to attend in person, you'll be asked to prioritize or rank which breakouts you'd prefer to attend for each of the two sessions. Space is limited (because of safety and distancing recommendations), and groups will be assigned first-come-first-served. Each breakout is designed to be interactive with time to discuss and answer your questions. For those joining online via Zoom, you'll have the opportunity to participate in the first breakout listed under each session ("The Nuts and Bolts..." and "Transcripts, Testing, and Standards..."), and submit questions using Zoom.


The Nuts and Bolts of Homeschool Scheduling, Planning, and Setting Boundaries

On-Site & Zoom

Ever wondered what a it takes to plan a school year, set up a daily/weekly/yearly schedule, or how to incorporate your schedule with every other “thing” going on in the life of your family? How do you set boundaries for yourself and your kids to protect that schedule? Katie, Gaylene, and Christie will cover how they handle homeschool, medical appointments, extra curriculars, church events, etc. while maintaining healthy boundaries for their families.

De-Stressing Homeschool for Non-school-aged Children

On-Site Only

Homeschooling your little ones who are not yet of “school-age” (meaning 5 years and under) can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Let our experienced mom (Jennifer) and educator (Chellie) help you navigate this new season by demonstrating how easy it can be done in your home in less time than you think!

Classical Conversations (CC)

On-Site Only

One of the more common homeschool formats, Classical Conversations uses a traditional approach to education that doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Listen as Tara breaks down the ins and outs of CC and why it works for her family.

What Would I Do Differently?

On-Site Only

As a seasoned homeschooler, Leslie is nearing the end of her homeschool experience with a high school senior and a freshman at home. She will share her reflections on what she would do differently were she starting homeschooling all over. Her wisdom and experience may just help you avoid common stumbling blocks on the journey of homeschooling.


Transcripts, Testing, and Standards! OH MY! - The Administration of Homeschooling

On-Site & Zoom

Paperwork! Paperwork! Paperwork! You are now in charge of keeping track of your child’s transcripts and following state and local standards. Michelle (experienced homeschooling mom) and Chellie (a local educator) will provide information on the mechanics of homeschool administration and how you can stay up-to-date without having to play “catch up” each year.

Kids with Learning Challenges

On-Site Only

For some families, having a child with learning challenges can be the most intimidating part of choosing whether or not to homeschool. Tara and Christie each have children with varying learning challenges/needs and they will be sharing their journey of advocating for, and working with, their children so they have every advantage possible.

I Didn’t Plan on Homeschooling

On-Site Only

Every family is faced with the decision of whether or not to homeschool their children in this season of uncertainty during a global pandemic. While Jennifer didn’t begin homeschooling under those circumstances, she definitely had no formal plans to do so until circumstances led her to it. Come hear her journey, how she and her husband made the decision, and why she continues to homeschool years later.

Help! I’m Homeschooling My Teenager!

On-Site Only

Parents often think they can’t homeschool because they are not advanced enough, or formally taught, to educate their kids after a certain age. Francoise now has two kids graduated from high school and a middle schooler! She will be sharing her journey of homeschooling high school students (a boy and a girl) and how her family was enriched through the experience.