Pray for Gospel Fruit

Hey Church Family,
I just wanted to remind you that we are in the final legs of preparation for the Wild Game Supper, which is tomorrow night in the fellowship hall. Several men should be commended for their hard work. First, Clyde Ethridge for dreaming this event up so many years ago. Second, Russell Wright has taken the proverbial deer by the antlers and done AMAZING work getting this thing back off the ground. He has spearheaded the whole thing, and we are so blessed to have his leadership in this. Third, many men in our church have taken a great deal of time to prepare, cook, and clean before, during, and after the event. They know who they are, and they should know that their hard work is greatly appreciated.
I want everyone who is able and willing to be praying over the next 36 hours for the event itself. Take a moment today to ask God for gospel fruit to come from this event. In his letter to the Colossians, Paul describes gospel fruit in this way:
You have already heard about this hope in the message of truth,the gospel that has come to you. It is bearing fruit and growing all over the world, just as it has among you since the day you heard it and recognized God’s grace in the truth.
We want to see the seeds planted for the gospel grow into new disciples. Pray (1) that unbelievers who are invited to the event will come. Pray (2) God would prepare hearts by making them aware of their own need for a Savior. Pray (3) the gospel would be preached clearly by the speakers and in the conversations around the tables. Pray (4) for our commitment to follow up with these men who are guests for our event.

I’m particularly challenging the women of our church to support the men’s ministry in your prayers tomorrow night. Would you commit fifteen minutes to pray tomorrow night during the event? Can you pray for some man who desperately needs the good news of Jesus and who needs to take spiritual leadership in his home?

You are loved and valued,