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Mar 2017

Hey Church Family, I just wanted to remind you that we are in the final legs of preparation for the Wild Game Supper, which is tomorrow night in the fellowship hall. Several men should be commended for their hard work. First, Clyde Ethridge for dreaming this event up so many years ago. Second, Russell Wright has taken the proverbial deer by the antlers and done AMAZING work getting this thing back off the ground. He has spearheaded the whole thing, and we are so blessed to have his leadership in this. Third, many men......

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March 01, 2017

No Easy Way Home

This last weekend I had the privilege of speaking at a statewide BCM conference at a university in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. I spoke to roughly a thousand college students about Jesus and other...

February 22, 2017

God Allows Comebacks

Most of my evenings when I come home from work, I am occupied playing foil to a black-and-gold clad four-year-old Drew Brees-wannabe. He wants to play football. All the time–even after football season is over....