In 1926, Kenner was a sleepy little suburb of New Orleans. Third Street (Jefferson Highway) was the main road that followed the river from the big city. Williams Boulevard was a dirt road at the edge of the swamp. Twelve Baptist families in Kenner wanted to begin a church in their city (there were only a Catholic and a Presbyterian church at that time). In March of that year, a young preacher (a Baptist Bible Institute student; now the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), took the OK streetcar to begin meeting with the group for Bible Study. This faithful congregation became the First Baptist Church on December 6, 1926. Ours is a rich heritage of commitment.


We’re located on Williams Boulevard a little more than a quarter mile south of Interstate 10. Our church activities happen in two main buildings (across the street from one another): the sanctuary and education building.

Most everything at the church happens on Wednesday night or Sunday morning. Sunday morning is a time for small group bible studies for all ages (at 9AM) and for worshiping together (10:30AM). Wednesday night has activities for all ages too, starting at 6:15PM. For adults, various small groups are offered on Wednesday night covering different topics.


Bible Study at 9 AM
Worship at 10:30 AM


We are located at
1400 Williams Blvd.
Kenner, LA. 70062

What We Believe

First Baptist Kenner is committed to making disciples and essential to our ministry is doctrinal integrity. As part of the Southern Baptist Convention, we hold to the Baptist Faith and Message.


At First Baptist Church of Kenner, we believe Jesus clearly spelled out our mission, purpose, and vision when He gave the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. Therefore, our what we do, why we do it, and what we seek to be is summed up in the following statement:

The Mission of First Baptist Kenner is to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that He commands us.

First Baptist Kenner Mission Statement


First Baptist Church of Kenner aims to fulfill the Great Commission by connecting, growing, and serving. We seek to connect with God, with others, and connect others to God. We hope to grow in the knowledge of Christ and in His likeness. We will serve our church, our community, and the world.


Dr. Rhyne Putman


Rhyne Putman serves as the interim pastor at FBC Kenner.

His day job is at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he serves as the Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture. (Yes, he’s the nerdy theology type.)

Rhyne is the author of In Defense of Doctrine (Fortress Press, 2015) and of When Doctrine Divides (Fortress Press, 2017). He greatly appreciates any contribution you make to his son’s college education by buying his very (interesting) books.

He’s also a pop culture geek who thinks himself Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen. He also bleeds Mississippi State maroon.

More importantly, he’s the husband of the stunning Micah and the father of a rambunctious preschooler named Ben.

Danny Moore


After a full career in industrial management with a major corporation, Danny retired to something equally strenuous, more varied, and that pays less: He joined our church staff! Danny is the adventurous sort.

Danny has a wall-full of degrees, starting with a B.S. from the University of Houston, followed by an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, and capped with a M.A. in worship ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Whew! And, if that’s not enough, Danny plays both the oboe and English horn in the New Orleans Civic Orchestra!

Danny has been married to Courtney for 40 years, and they are parents of Jenny (Wesley) and Lindsey (Cliff).  More importantly, they are grandparents of five boys, which includes two sets of twins.

Danny’s favorite restaurant is Middendorf’s, up the highway in Manchac.  If he could invite anyone to enjoy the thin catfish with him, Drew Brees would get the honor. Danny has Number 9’s Saints’ shirt. “I’m a big fan,” he says. “I’d love to hear how he uses his faith to influence people.”

Danny’s all-time favorite movie is “Young Frankenstein,” and his favorite guilty pleasure is “eating cookie dough–with a big spoon!” (He would NOT invite Drew Brees to take a spoon and join in!)

His dream guest for a meal, however, would be Secretary of State John Kerry, who occupies “the most difficult and frustrating job in the world.”  As a student of leadership, Danny would ask how he leads from the “second chair” (under the POTUS), and how he keeps his sanity!

Danny’s favorite scripture is 2 Corinthians 12:9. “My grace is sufficient for Thee and my power is made perfect in weakness.” Danny says, “In my weaknesses, I get a renewed sense of His power and His willingness to accomplish His will, often in spite of me.”

Danny loves working with senior adults and hopes to become one someday — in a few decades!

Brad Averette


“I wish someone had helped me when I was a teenager,” says Brad.  “I wish they had taken the time to teach me the Bible so I could understand it.”

Anyone wondering what drives Brad’s passion in reaching students need look no further than that.

Brad, native of Brent, Alabama, and graduate of Jacksonville State University and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is married to Stacy and they are the parents of Andrew, Kate, Hannah, and Moses.  That’s the most important stuff.

And for the fun stuff…

Brad loves the seafood at Smitty’s Restaurant in Kenner, and he calls IHOP his “guilty pleasure.”  His favorite movie is “RV,” and if he could have dinner with anyone anywhere, he would choose Billy Graham. (If Dr. Graham can’t make it, Brad’s second choice is Stacy, his wife.)

Brad’s favorite scripture is James 4:8. “Draw nigh to the Lord and He will draw nigh to you.”  “God is always with me,” Brad says. We gave Brad two “if nots.”  If you were not in the ministry, what would you be doing?  “I’d be in the military.” And, if it were not fattening, which food would you binge on?  “No question, chocolate cake.”

Rachel Filla


With no children of her own, Rachel has decided to adopt yours and mine!  We are blessed indeed because she’s very special.

Born in Memphis and raised in Munford, Tennessee, Rachel moved to New Orleans for her theological education. In May 2016 she receives her Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry with a focus on preschool and children’s ministry from Leavell College, a part of our New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Rachel’s favorite local eatery is Elizabeth’s Restaurant in the Bywater section of New Orleans (she loves the praline bacon!).  If she could take anyone in the world to dinner, she would invite Queen Elizabeth II. If she had to limit it to someone local, the Drew Brees family would be her next choice. Either way, Rachel is into royalty.

Rachel’s guilty pleasure is sleeping late or listening to “my music” really loud!  If the Lord had not put her in the ministry, her dream job would have been as a talk show host. But knowing the slim chances of that, she says, “I’d probably be an accountant.”

Psalm 118:1 says, “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His steadfast love endures forever.” Rachel, who says her favorite scripture verse keeps changing, calls this one her favorite du jour. “It’s so comforting to think of God’s steadfast love for us.”